Tiny Blades Project

Annyen Lam (pronouns: she/her) cuts paper by hand using a knife.

Working across several different media platforms, Annyen’s practice also includes lithography, screenprinting, installation and book arts. Originally from Ottawa, she is currently based in Toronto, Ontario, and holds a BFA in Printmaking from OCAD University.

In March 2015, Annyen began Tiny Blades Project, where she assigned herself the daily task of cutting an image out of paper. Initially running as a 365-day endeavour, Annyen has created almost eight hundred pieces to date. These paper-cuts represent the range of styles and subjects that she explores in her art practice, from geometrical forms to plant studies, to day-to-day objects, to explorations in architecture and fantastical spaces.

Tiny Blades Project is ongoing and can be viewed on Instagram.

Since 2018, Tiny Blades Project has also been home to enamel pins and art prints, all based off of original hand-cut pieces from the project.

If you would like to know more about Annyen or the project, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.